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El Smosh is a YouTube channel, created by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla on February 17, 2012. It is the Spanish version of Smosh, with all the videos from the original channel in Spanish. El Smosh is also the 5th Smosh channel to be made.


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The channel's purpose is to have Smosh's non-English speaking audience (specifically the Spanish community) be able to watch their videos in their own language. Ian and Anthony will have their videos dubbed into Spanish by Spanish translators they know named Juan and Antonio and upload them to the El Smosh channel for their Spanish viewers to watch. Juan will play all of Ian's parts and Antonio will play all of Anthony's parts. Since they don't have a female translator at the moment, either Juan or Antonio will play the female parts.

Their newest video uploaded to the English Smosh channel will be uploaded to El Smosh every Sunday, while an old video also dubbed in Spanish (as in, any video prior to "REJECTED TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODES!") will be uploaded on Wednesday. The thumbnails of the Spanish dubs generally have the word "iEspañol!" (or also spelled "Español!") on the top right corner and a Spanish moustache is put on one of the characters.


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